Slipping off track

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when you’re going to slip. Sometimes that’s all it is – a harmless slip – and sometimes you’ll slip and fall, but that’s okay. That’s all part of the process of becoming a better, stronger and happier you.

So I found myself not following my own “rules” the other day. And I hadn’t been following them for a really long time – months, in fact. It came as a surprise to me, but then I realised everything suddenly made so much sense.

The past few months have been a constant focus on my Australian visa – getting it and paying for it. Because it’s certainly not cheap, I’ll tell you that much! We’ve worked really hard, though, and done so well (yes, I’m super proud of my partner and myself!). But it feels like we’ve constantly had a slight lack of money.

So I decided to read The Secret again. I got to the chapter about money and prosperity; started reading; kept reading. And suddenly it hit me – I’ve been doing it all wrong for months on end, and not even realising it! It was so obvious that I actually didn’t see it.

You see, I’m the kind of person who normally never worry about money. I save a lot and I’m pretty aware of prices, but I just don’t worry about it. I started working casually as a young teenager, and so I’ve made my own money for a long time and ever since always felt like I’ve had enough to get around and to do all the things I want to. No worries!

But all of a sudden I had that pressure – something that I desperately needed to save for – not just because I felt like it, but because I actually had to – or I wouldn’t be allowed to stay in Australia with my dream man.

That completely pushed me off my tracks. Suddenly, it was as if I didn’t know what I was doing. I never had to force my thoughts around money, they were just there from the start, and I always felt I had enough. When I suddenly didn’t have quite enough, the focus sort of went blurry. I lost everything I knew, somehow. And I started doubting. I started thinking that we didn’t have enough, that we needed more.

But here’s how it is: if you don’t want more money, that’s what you focus on – not having enough. Because you will sure as heck never have enough if you keep thinking you don’t.

If you want or need more money, all you need to focus on is already having enough. Feel what it would be like to have more than enough. See before your mind’s eye what you will be doing when you have more than enough.

It’s a matter of focusing on the good, instead of staying on the negative path you’ve somehow ended up on. So I started shifting my thoughts, of course. It requires a bit of concentration, but it’s definitely doable.

I have more than enough.

That’s all.

And you know what? Today I got a completely unexpected sum of money into my bank account. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I’m very grateful for it!

So just stay focused. And be sure to check yourself every now and then to see how you’re actually doing. It’s okay to make mistakes – it’s only human. The important thing is to become aware of it and do something about it.

Endless love,



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