A secret little shortcut

It’s hard work getting what you want. Not that it requires any physical strength from you, but more so mental strength. If you’re not familiar with the law of attraction from before, I realise how hard it can be to completely change your whole world around. It requires patience. And sometimes even a little shortcut here and there.

So would you like to know a secret little shortcut?

Of course you do!

There’s an easy way to turbo-charge the whole process of getting what you want. The secret is: your emotions. You can help your thoughts on the way by adding feeling to whatever it is that you want.

And by that I really mean to feel it.

If you add feelings and emotions to your thoughts – feeling happy, prosperous, healthy, even feeling that wonderful love surrounding you (even if it’s not there quite yet) – that’s going to trick your mind into thinking that you have already received what you have once asked for.

When you are emitting those feelings, the universe is going to keep that stuff coming. That’s just how it works. When you send out those great feelings and emotions, that means your mind is focusing on and channeling in to the frequency of happiness/prosperity/health/love, which then means that’s what the universe receives from you, and will also be sending back to you.

The universe is a mirror, mirroring back to you your dominant thoughts. And because feelings are the effect of your thoughts, making up feelings the way you want them, is going to cause the universe to mirror back those good feelings you want to experience.

Sounds easy, right? It’s just as easy as it sounds too!

Try this: sit down somewhere quiet and close your eyes. Then, for one minute, just smile.

What happened? Do you feel happier?

Feelings are our strongest companion in life. They can tell us so much if we just listen to them. And they can assist us in anything we want – we just need to learn how to control them in our advantage.

You get exactly what you feel, not so much what you think. All you need to do is shift your emotions to get back on the right, positive track.

Go on, send out those lovely feelings, and make sure to get what you want! Feel, with your entire body, what it will be like when you receive what you most desire. Feel in love, if your asking for love. Feel well and great, if your asking for health (and definitely stop talking about being sick!). Feel what it would be like to be wealthy. Feel that car or that person or that job.

Feels pretty good, doesn’t it?

Now, let’s get those emotions going!

Endless love,



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