‘How do I do this?’ Well, you don’t.

How does the law of attraction work? How can I get the universe to give me the things I want?

Let me break it to you: it does not matter.

It really doesn’t matter how it works. Why? Because the ‘how’ is not up to you.

Even if you don’t understand how it works, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It’s like electricity – most of us, I think, don’t know how it works, but you just know that it works. You trust and have faith. It’s supposed to be there for you when you need it.

Same thing with the law of attraction and asking the universe for help. Don’t worry about the how, because it’s actually none of your business. If you do your part of the deal, the universe will do its part. So all you need to know is that you are going to do it – you are going to get what you want. The ‘how’ is for the universe to figure out.

Ask, and then just be aware of the things around you; focus on seeing the signs and following your instincts. When you try to work out how things will happen, you are actually emitting a lack of faith. And a lack of faith, obviously, means that you don’t believe you have what you have asked for already. And what does that mean? That the universe will listen and respond to that negativity.

So don’t worry, don’t try to work it out. Just go with the flow, as they say! You will find that it actually feels pretty good to just let it go. Let the universe work for you. It knows its stuff, I promise.

Endless love,



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