When the monsters come out to play

Last night I got so angry and so upset, shocked and scared to the point where I could only cry. I learned some terrifying news from back home…

On Saturday night, my brother and two friends were quietly on their way home, when they were attacked by a group of four monsters. Abused, beaten up and one of them knocked unconscious and stabbed four times in the leg, it was lucky my brother was able to get away to call the police.

This shocked me, paralyzed me, and then infuriated me as the night went by. How are monsters like these walking our streets? They weren’t even out to rob my guys, only to hurt them. And these three young men, who I hold very dearly all of them, are the kind of guys who would never even hurt a fly.

Why do things like this happen?

I worry for them, of course. Not only for their physical well-being after all of this, but the mental aspect more so. No one should have to be afraid to simply walk down the street of their home town, on their way home after a quiet night out.

So I got angry. This isn’t fair. Life isn’t fair. Those four monsters need to see their consequences.

But then I realised something. Those monsters are making me angry. Four idiots who don’t deserve anything in life, are making me angry. Why am I giving them that power over me?

Yes, they hurt people I love. But like I said, they don’t deserve anything in life. So how are they getting this anger out of me?

I was awake most of the night thinking. And I have decided not to focus on the negative aspect of this, even though it is such a despicable act. I’m just glad and relieved that my three guys got out of this with their lives intact. There will be a lot of work emotionally with this, and for that reason I need to be my real, true self. The anger does not belong here. Those monsters will somehow, at some stage get what they deserve – hopefully tenfold back at them. But for me, for now, I need myself and my brother needs me – the real Jo.

I also still need to believe that the world is more good than evil. It really is – the only problem is that the evil takes up more space and is seen more than the good. Therefore, it gets the focus it wants and needs to continue on. But why, when it doesn’t deserve it?

So I’m breaking the pattern now. I’m focusing on the better aspects of it all. Because I will still be able to talk to my brother tonight.

Please, for the good of our world, spread some love today. Stand up against the monsters. Together we can do it.

Endless love,



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