Shake it off.

I see negative thinking as a little demon or devil sitting on your back, weighing you down, and not letting the true you out. But you know what? (Like a certain Florence with a machine once said): It’s hard to dance with a devil on your back, so shake him off.   That’s right. Just shake … More Shake it off.

Recipe for a lover

  Are you looking for The One? Feeling a bit lonely, or out of the game? Afraid of dying alone? Well, fear no more! I’ve got just the thing for you! Just follow the recipe below and I guarantee you your dream partner! What you need: – Pen – Piece of paper – A clear mind … More Recipe for a lover

What I figured out

I realised something the other day. Something that threw me a bit off guard, but in a good way. In a great way, actually. A while back, at work, we came to talk about plastic surgery and what, if we were to get plastic surgery, we would want to get done. The first thing that … More What I figured out