When nothing else is an option

On TV the other night there was a story about a mother who had lost her young daughter. The daughter had been abused by her drug addicted boyfriend for a long time, and unfortunately the time came where the abusing went too far. The crime had recently been judged in court, but the whole story revolved around the mother, because of something she had done in that court room.

She had stood up from her seat, looked the man, who killed her daughter, in the eyes and said:

‘I forgive you.’

The mother was now being interviewed and asked how it is possible to forgive someone after they’ve caused so much pain to her loved ones and to herself.

The mother explained that she had already had enough pain and suffering in her life, and she wasn’t willing to give up the rest of it to hatred. She wanted to move on. She wanted to forgive him. And she wanted to forgive herself.

I find this so beautiful. A woman who could understandibly hate someone with all her might, decides to not give in to that. This shows the power of forgiving – and the power of not forgiving.
It also proves the power we have over ourselves. We can either give in to fear/anger/hatred, or we can let the things go that we can’t rule over, and decide to walk on the path of light.

People who hurt us (and/or our loved ones) obviously does not care what our opinion  of them is, so why hurt yourself by hating? By doing so, you only give power to someone who really has no right to the power over you. But by forgiving, you take back the power over yourself, and you show yourself that you are the ruler of your destiny. No one else.

It is hard to forgive, but you can find it somehow – it’s there within you. You just have to want to find it.

Endless love,



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