Recipe for a lover



Are you looking for The One? Feeling a bit lonely, or out of the game? Afraid of dying alone?

Well, fear no more!

I’ve got just the thing for you! Just follow the recipe below and I guarantee you your dream partner!

What you need:

– Pen
– Piece of paper
– A clear mind
– A good hiding place

The how:

Sit down and thoroughly think through all the things you wish for in your dream man/woman. Whatever you want! Do you want him/her to be funny? Kind? Beautiful? What interests do you want to have in common?

Whatever you can think of that gets your inner pump pumpin’ – write it on a piece of paper! And take your time, make sure to get it right and as perfect as that future partner.

When you’re done, hide that list somewhere (like in a jar, a bowl, or something similar where you can’t always see it). This will allow you to put your wish out there, but then forget about it, allowing the universe to do its part.

Here’s part of my list I wrote a few years ago:

Lover's list

(And so the list went on for a while…)


Like I said, this is just an excerpt of the list I wrote, but I say this with my hand on my heart: this man on the list above, is the very man who I now share my life with. General and specific wishes all granted. He actually is my perfect man.

So if it worked for me (and many others), I know it’ll work for you, too. Don’t worry about your list being too specific, or too long, or that you’re asking for too much (there’s no such thing). Just write it down, for goodness sake! Put it out there, the rest is not up to you anymore.

The universe always takes care of the how.

So now we wait. And have faith. Love is on its way!

Endless love,



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