Who’s stealing from you?



We are affected so much (usually more than we know) by other people around us – both our near and dear ones, and by complete strangers we briefly meet when we’re out and about.

Have you ever felt completely drained by someone (it can be someone you know, or, for example, someone you’ve met at work at some point, or anywhere at all) without any obvious reason to what you’re feeling?
If you have, which most of us would, I think, then what I’m going to talk about now might not sound so strange.

Because it’s all about energy.

The people in our close circle should make us feel great about ourselves; they should make us laugh and feel loved and empowered. But there are the opposite kind too, and all too often do we let them in closer than we probably should.

Is there someone around you that makes you feel drained, low, or maybe even sad, when you spend time with them?

Then this person may be an energy thief.

Whether or not you have heard of this expression before, it’s something I suggest you pay some more attention to.

You see, some people pull others down, whether they know it or not. They make us feel bad about ourselves, and tired after hanging out with them, in order for themselves to feel better.

Watch out for these people! Especially if they’re doing it on purpose.

Energy thieves use a type of projection to send out their bad energy to other people, so that they don’t have to deal with it themselves, and then, on top of that, they steal your good energy, too. They simply want to make everyone else seem less, so that they themselves, can be more.

Now, there are different types of energy thieves, some much worse than others. But the trick is always to not let them push you down and take from you. Be aware of who they are and keep them at a distance, to protect yourself. Know yourself and your own worth – that way they won’t be able to push you down with the negative things they say.

If you have a thief and when they make bad comments on things you do or say, ask them a counter-question – ‘what do you mean?’, ‘why do you say that?’. This will throw them off guard and you will put a wall between the two of you.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are less than you are!
Know your own worth and protect yourself from other people’s negativity.

Endless love,



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