Easy when it’s right!

Ever heard the expression ‘Love is hard‘?

You know what I think of that saying? What a load of horse shit!

Honestly. Love is not hard.

Maybe you’ll think I’m an idiot saying this, that I haven’t experienced love, etc. etc. But no, I’m not an idiot, and yes, I have experienced love – both the not-so-great love, and amazing love.

Yes, love requires work – of course. Loving someone also means you need to know (or learn) how to compromise, because it’s not just about you anymore.

But that doesn’t make love hard.

Love is easy.

But love is also what we make of it…

If you want it to be hard, or if you keep claiming it to be hard, guess what? It will be very hard, because that’s all you can see, it’s what you’ve decided and settled on. But if you see love as something natural, eternal, inevitable and easy, something that just comes to you – then it will do just that.

Love used to be hard for me. But then I met someone who changed it all, and showed me that real love is not hard at all – and now it’s nothing but easy! I love to love. And me loving him (and vice versa) just makes sense. That’s all there is to it. I love him and he loves me. Sometimes we disagree, but that’s just how the world works. It has nothing to do with our love. Our love is and will always be – whatever else is going on.

If you think love is hard, then I just think you need to find the right person to love, or change the way you look at love. Because love is not meant to be hard. It’s just meant to be, and it’s meant to come easy; it’s the one purpose of life.


So go out there and spread some love for your Monday! 🙂

Endless love,



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