With one more year to live

If you we’re told that you were only going to live for one more year, on the date, what would you do? What would be the first and last thing you spent your life doing?



This is a question we often hear in places, but is it an answer we’ve really thought through? And why do we think of this question in the first place, when we know that the risk of us being told this very thing, is pretty small?

I try to figure out where the whole thing has sprung from, and I can’t help but think of dreams and visualisation and motivation. And when I think of that in this context it almost makes me sad. Because when people answer this question, they’ll often say things like ‘I would travel all around the world’, or ‘I would spend more time with my love ones’, or ‘I would do the things I’ve always wanted to do’.

And that’s when it gets sad, because why do you need to be faced with a near, certain death to do the things you’ve always wanted to do?

What’s stopping you from doing them even if you’re not going to die in a year?

The truth is, anyone of us could be forced to leave this life on any day – either now, or 50 years from now. None of us know, we just assume that we’ll live a long life.
But what difference does it make if you live a long life, but still have missed out on doing the things you really wanted to do, because you thought you had lots of time? All of a sudden, there you are, 85 years old and a forgetful Lucy in a nursing home, with nothing but an aching back and forgotten memories.

So don’t wait.

And for goodness sake, do not procrastinate.

It’s life we’re talking about! It’s meant to be lived!

So ask yourself what you would do this year if you were to die in 12 months. Think about that one and come up with a real answer.

What would I do?

I would travel to the places I most desperately want to go – like Africa and South America. I would get married, with a beautiful wedding ceremony, because I want to do the very most with the man I love. I would spend as much time as possible with my family and my friends, and I would let them know every single day how much I love them. And then, a month or so before it was time, I would rent a little house in the south of France and just eat and drink wine for that whole month. Oh, and every day for the whole year, I would eat cake, too (I looove cake)!

But you know what? All these things I say I would do, I’ve still already planned to do within a near future, so I wouldn’t just do them if I was going to die soon. It’s actually my real plan.

So what will you do?

You’ve got one year. Don’t miss out on life.

Endless love,



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