GUIDE: to the perfect life

So yesterday I was talking about how It’s OK to not feel OK.

I wanted to keep going a little bit on that, because I think there’s more to those negative feelings than most people realise.

You see, in the world of desires and us asking for what we want, bad feelings are a great tool which was designed to guide us away from the things we don’t want. Because negative feelings automatically tell you that your thoughts are not on par with your desires.

So, in fact, those negative feelings you have can help guide you in your process of getting the life that you want. It’s all the in the emotions, actually, and that’s why it’s so important to listen to them!

The good thing is, once you’ve realised that you’re not feeling good, it’s possible to change that. Like I suggested yesterday: find out the issue that’s causing those emotions. Then turn them around. Turn them into positive feelings…

For example, if it’s your job situation that is making you frustrated, or even angry, find a way to turn the frustration around. Sure, you might hate your job, but there is always something positive in a situation, too. Maybe it’s a job that could lead you to the job you really want? Or maybe this job gives you enough time and/or money to do the things you really enjoy doing? Has this job given you some great friends, even?

Think about it. And turn yourself around.

When you do that, your emotions start vibrating on another level, and the universe will feel that change and listen to it. Use those turned around feelings and start imagining what it would be like to go to work every morning loving what you do because you’re doing exactly what you want.

Once you get on the same frequency as your desires (of a new job, in this example) it’s as powerful as it gets, and sooner than you know, you will find yourself in a life changing situation!

Emotions are the key to getting what you want.

Your emotions will tell you when you’re on the right track, because they reflect your thoughts and what’s going on inside your mind – what you’re thinking of and sending out into the universe.

When you feel good, you’ll know that you’re getting there. When you feel bad, you’ll know that you’re not. But emotions can be turned around fairly easily, in most cases. You have the power over yourself and over your own thoughts.

Change your thoughts, to change your emotions, to change your life.

Give it a try. Practice makes a perfect life.

Endless love,



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