The constant war


We have a war, him and I. Sometimes he’s on the winning side, and sometimes I am. At the moment, I’m winning way over him. But every now and then he’ll whip out some secret weapon that totally defeats me for a while. When that happens, it’s a struggle to get back. But so far, I always have, which I’m pretty darn thankful for.

It’s a tough life sometimes though, when he constantly reminds me of his presence. It makes me wonder if we’ll always be in this struggle together. Maybe we will, maybe we won’t. Maybe that’s what this life’s lesson is about for me – to learn how to tackle that impatience, and just have faith in the universe.

Who knows? All I can do is my best, in order to keep him in the chains I’ve got him in at the moment. But I think it’s good for him to hang around in one way or another, because he somehow also reminds me to get things done.

I guess I need him in a way, then. He keeps me on my feet – out on the edge.  And I will get to that place I’m so ridiculously impatient to get to. I know I will.

So I guess I’ll say thank you, impatience. Thanks for keeping me awake like only you can.


What’s your struggle in life? Do you see anything positive with it at all, or is it just in the way?

Either way, make sure to enjoy life to the fullest. Don’t take it too seriously – it’s supposed to be fun!

Endless love,



2 thoughts on “The constant war

    1. Yeah, that’s hard for me too. I try not to think about it too much, though – you can’t be good at everything at once! As long as you can see the beauty of life and acknowledge all the good things you have now, I think you’ll be alright 🙂

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