Wisdom Wednesday #2

Don’t try to erase the past – embrace it. It got you where you are today.
– Johanna Rosberg 


This is something that came to my mind a few years ago, when I was in a state where I wished I had done things a bit differently. But then I realised, whatever we did in the past is what moved us forward. All those things that have happened to me – all the sorrow and all the happiness, all the good experiences and all the bad – have made me who I am. I have all those things to thank for the beautiful life I have now.

So why would I want to change any of it?

If you’re in that state, where you feel like you want to change the past, then please – for your own sake – move on! There is no erase or rewind button, so stop wishing for one. Instead, learn from all those things that have happened to you – especially from the mistakes! They are our best guides in life.

So embrace your past, shift your focus to the present, and start creating for the future.

Endless love,



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