Crying at day care

Every now and then I share my thoughts on feelings with you guys, and so I will again today, because I read a great article on this very topic this morning.

The article was essentially for parents who leave their crying kids at day care, but I thought it was still something that everyone needs to take in and understand.

The woman who wrote the article told us the story of her daughter: how she at first loved day care, but then after a month, it lost its fairy dust. She cried and cried every morning as her mum left her. The ladies at the day care centre tried to cheer her up and so did her mum, but it just didn’t work. For a year it went on like this, until mum asked her daughter why she was actually crying.

The daughter said she just needed to be sad, because she missed her mum. And there was nowhere at day care where she could be sad alone, which is all she really needed and wanted.

This was soon taken care of, so when the girl was sad, she was able to sit alone in a comfy chair in an empty room, drawing on her own.

The beauty of this whole thing was, that when the girl was allowed to be sad, and was allowed to embrace those kind of feelings, after a couple of days, she stopped crying as mum left her. She said she had realised that she could miss mum even when she had fun.

The reason I wanted to share this story was because it proofs how important our feelings are to our mood and life. It proofs how important all feelings are, and it shows that you need to take care of and cherish all those feelings. When you try to ignore the “bad” feelings, they will only stick with you and, most likely, get worse. But when you deal with them, they can eventually go away, as you have given them the attention they need.

So don’t ignore the “bad” feelings. There’s no such thing as “bad” or “good” feelings, anyway. They are all just feelings. And they are all as important for us to function.

Like I’ve said before: it’s just as ok to be sad sometimes as it is to be happy. It just means that we need to sort some stuff out.

So ask yourself how you are really feeling, and why that is. Maybe you’ll surprise yourself.

Endless love,



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