“Diet or die!”

I thought it was time again for another little note on the Law of Attraction, because I realised it’s been a while since we spoke of it. This is a different approach to it, though – one you might not have thought of…




So the other day I ended up in a discussion on weight and diets at work. Glory knows why, as I would be the person least expected to talk about these things!:

  • I don’t diet – I never have and never ever will (I would seriously be the worst at it, as low blood sugar levels causes me to simply not function).
  • I don’t go to the gym, because I don’t like it.
  • I don’t struggle with weight problems, which I am very thankful (and proud of myself) for.

I used to think, for a few years when I was a slightly chubbier teenager, that I was too big (I wasn’t even really big then, but I was used to being a skinny kid, so that’s why I struggled), but then I lost the weight again as I passed my teens.

I’ve never really had issues with eating or being overweight. And I believe the reason for that is because I don’t focus on it. It doesn’t even cross my mind!

Actually, I don’t even own a scale (and never will)!

I can see how you might think that’s a bit odd. You might even think that I’m bragging? I mean, doesn’t everyone panic over their bodies, and weight and foods and “superfoods”? (I hate that word. “Superfoods”… What the heck is that? It’s normal food, people! Stuff we’ve had in our backyards for centuries!)

Anyway. What I want to show you by this example is that when you assume that you’re healthy, and feel well and eat well, and can eat whatever you want (note: in moderate amounts!) without gaining weight – then you can.

Let’s look at history for a moment, too…

  • When did we start the gym and diet craze (as I like to call it)?
    –> Around the 80’s and 90’s.
  • When did we start becoming overweight, moving on to becoming obese?—–> During the late 90’s.

Back up, say, to the 50’s… People weren’t overweight. There might have been a person here and there, but in general – no overweight. You look around today and most of the people you see, have a bit of extra stuff on them (I realise this also has something to do with a certain fast food market).

See my point here? When we started to become consumed by it, and panicking over it, we started gaining. We got less healthy, and more fatty  – the complete opposite from what we intended! – only because we did no longer assume that we were good to go.

So my approach, naturally, to all of this is: I can eat what I want and still keep a healthy weight and body.

That’s one of my main affirmations in life.

And that, my friends, I realised a while back, is the Law of Attraction!

That is me asking, and the universe giving. And so, I receive a healthy body without issues. Because that’s what I asked for. I asked to be able to eat what I want, and so I can.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. It helps to think this way, sure. But! (Yes, there is always a but…) Be careful here as well. By “I eat whatever I want”, I mean that exact thing – not “I eat however much I want”. Because that will not work – no one can do that, of course.

If you are overweight and trying to lose the extra kilos/pounds, then I suggest you start thinking in this way. You can eat whatever you want – but in moderate amounts. And of course, this goes hand in hand with the need for exercising too, but I’m certainly not an expert on that (not even close), so you’ll have to speak to someone else on that matter!

My whole point with all of this is just to suggest to not deprive yourself of life because you’re too focused on what you can and “can’t/shouldn’t” eat.

I love cake. I love chocolate. I love bread, butter, and cheese. No one’s ever going to tell me I can’t eat that, or that it’s not good for me.

What’s good for me are the things that make me happy. 

And that’s that.

So please, feel free to do, and eat, what makes you happy!

Endless love,



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