A while back I entered a short story competition, and the other day the three winners were announced. I wasn’t one of them, but…! I did get a special mention along with a couple of other writers that had been big favourites with the judges. So exciting! To me it’s never about winning, as long … More Shortlisted!

It can be done!

It’s weekly affirmation time, and have I got a good one for you this week…! How did you go on the last one? Remember how we said I have more than enough? Did you practice it? Did you believe it? Well, no matter what, you’ve got a new shot today! Remember to keep repeating it. … More It can be done!

Soul attractions

    Do you believe in soul mates? I definitely do. I mean, how can you not? I’m sure every single one of us here, have at least once met a person with whom they’ve had an indescribable, special connection with, right from the start. Am I right? Some people think we just have one … More Soul attractions

A day on the top!

  Some days you just wake up feeling on top of the world. I did that today. It’s a great feeling, sort of indescribable – as if anything I take on today, I’m going to ace! You know what the secret to an amazing day is? Waking up like this! It is actually an active choice. … More A day on the top!

Why I write

  Why do you write? someone asked me the other day. I’ve been thinking of that for days now. Not because I don’t know why I write – of  course I do – but because it’s just an interesting topic for me. I’m sure all writers out there would agree when I say that I write … More Why I write