Growing older, growing richer

Today, the 1st of September, is my birthday! Happy birthday to me!



So today I turn 25.


A quarter of a lifetime.

But I still feel really young – not like the 25-year-olds who get quarter-life-crisis (yeah, apparently that’s a thing…).

No, not me. I feel like I practice what I preach – to live in the moment, to go after your dreams and live the life you want. I essentially do all the things I want to do – sooner or later. And I think I’ve already managed to do lots!

So even though 25 is not a whole lot, it’s still somewhat of a milestone to me. As I look back at my, so far, fairly short amount of time on this planet, I’m proud of the things I have achieved and the woman I have become.

And I wouldn’t want to change a thing, either. Even the hard bits of life have created this particular life for me. And it’s a pretty good one, I’ll tell you that!

I see life as something beautiful, something fun, and something to experience and make the most of. So far, I think I have, and I intend to keep doing that for the rest of my time here. I’m not the kind of person to curl up and become comfortable.

When I get comfortable, I get bored, and when I get bored I need change!

My goal in life is to not regret anything when, eventually, death comes to sweep me away. And as I now turn 25, I feel quite content with the relatively short amount of time that has passed. That’s something to be proud of, I think.

So I’m looking ahead at the life to come, not knowing at all what it’s going to bring, but feeling super excited for whatever comes!

So here’s to life, to me, and to the next 25, 50, 75(?) years to come!

Endless love,



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