Extrovert vs. Introvert

It’s an interesting thing, the extrovert/introvert personality thing.

I stumbled over a list on Buzzfeed while I was procrastinating my writing (hey, at least I’m honest about it! Don’t judge, please?) and it was something like “21 reasons you’re an introvert”. It was a bit funny. It made me laugh. Because I realised it was kind of like me. Which was a bit surprising in way, but then again not really.

As a child I was a total introvert – just as sure as an iceberg consists of ice. I had plenty of friends and liked hanging out with them, but if I didn’t feel like it, I would let them know. I might also have been the only child in the world who didn’t enjoy sleepovers.

Look, my private space was important, okay?

Anyway, I thought I had moved away from this as I grew up, because in my late teens I got a lot more social than I had ever been before. I literally craved going out for parties and meeting new people. I started talking more, even to people I didn’t know. I found it a lot easier than before, and I started to really enjoy being in the spotlight.

But when I read that list, I realised I must still be an introvert – if yet a pretty social one. Things like “you get an unexpected call but don’t pick up because you’re not mentally prepared” or “how clearly you can articulate your thoughts in writing compared to when speaking” (there was a pole measuring way higher for writing than speaking)  or “the exquisite pleasure of stepping from the clamor of the party into the bathroom and closing the door”.

Oh, and as for last minute decisions? Can’t deal.

But then there were plenty of things on that list that didn’t suit me at all, like “what did you do on the weekend? Spoke to no one” and “sorry I’m late, I didn’t really want to come”. See, I’m always up for doing fun things – I just need to plan ahead to prepare!

So I started researching, because I felt, for some reason, that I needed to know what I was. Clearly not an extrovert, but somewhat introvert. But then it turns out there’s such a thing as AMBIVERT?!

Mind. Blown.

So I’m not who I thought I was? My world has turned upside down…! Or not really. I’m still the same Jo, and pretty damn good at being that very thing.

Endless love,



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