Let’s get the ball rolling!

You know how I’ve been talking about affirmations before? How you put your dreams and wishes into present tense, and repeat them until they come true? How that pretty much tricks the mind into thinking we already have plenty of something, and how the universe then will give us more of that?

So I had an idea the other day. You see, I think affirmations are a great tool. Awesome, in fact! But sometimes it can be a bit tricky coming up with them – especially if you are new to it all. You might think ‘exactly what is an affirmation, and am I doing it right?’

That’s where I’m going to step in. I’m going to do weekly affirmations! I thought Friday would be a good day, because Fridays in general have such a great feel to them – everyone’s getting ready for the weekend, feeling great about life, stressing down and relaxing.

This week’s – and the very first – affirmation is a good one. Perfect, in fact.
You know how we all wish we had more? It can be more money, more love, more of anything that comes to your mind. Well, here you go, this week’s affirmation:


I have more than enough.


Take this one simple sentence to heart. Repeat it, over and over. Say it right now, out loud. Say it when you go to bed. Say it as you wake up. Sing it in the shower, even!

I have more than enough.

Because you really, really do. Honestly.

Good luck!

Endless love,



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