Why I write



Why do you write? someone asked me the other day.

I’ve been thinking of that for days now. Not because I don’t know why I write – of  course I do – but because it’s just an interesting topic for me. I’m sure all writers out there would agree when I say that I write because I feel the need for it. I feel like I have to, but not in a bad way (well, not most of the time, anyway).

I write to change the world. That might sound ambitious, but it’s the truth. That was the number one word all my teacher’s always used to describe me as anyway: ambitious. I’ve always taken on a lot – sometimes too much, but it’s just how I work.

So how am I going to change the world with my writing?

One person at a time. I write to help people, to understand people, and for people to understand me. I write to tell people what I know, and to find out what they know. I write to prove to people that they can do what they want, that nothing is impossible. I write to show what I can do, and to make you see what you can do.

The pen is stronger than the sword. It always has been, and always will be. With my words I hope to make people see their own worth, and to help them fulfill all they’ve ever dreamed of – and more.

I want the world to be a place full of happiness and love dancing between 7 billion people who chase their dreams because they know they can catch them.

Will you join me in the journey?

Endless love,




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