The skin I’m in

As spring and summer is coming along here in Australia, so is a lot more skin. One thing I like about that here, is that people (well, girls and women) seem to be a bit more comfortable with themselves and more confident with how they look – compared to where I’m from at least, where everyone … More The skin I’m in

When I get that feeling, I want chakra healing

  So I came across an interesting article the other day, about chakras. Ever heard of them before? They’re our energy portals, sort of – where our energy enters and exits our body. There are lots of them, but seven main ones: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, intuitive/third eye and crown chakra. Apparently, these chakras … More When I get that feeling, I want chakra healing

Motivational Monday #4

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” – Jimmy Dean   Some things around us, we can’t change. And we can’t prevent some things to affect us. That’s just the way of reality. But we can always do something with the situation given. We … More Motivational Monday #4

Please, thank you.

  Yesterday I learned that in the aboriginal language, there is no word for please or thank you. At first I thought, why? that’s a bit weird/rude…? But then when the why was explained to me, it was such an obvious and beautiful thing. There is no word for thank you or please in their language, because giving to … More Please, thank you.

In times of need

It’s Friday affirmation time! We missed out last Friday because I was horribly, grossly food poisoning kind of sick, but this week I give you a really good one:     In times of need I think this affirmation is an important one to keep nice and handy. But it’s also a great one to always … More In times of need

Wisdom Wednesday #4

  Our thoughts are always in control of our lives and our destiny. So make sure you are in control of those thoughts. Don’t let the bad ones take over. Don’t focus on negativity. Enrich your life with beautiful, positive thoughts in order to reap the benefits of a beautiful, abundant life. Your life is … More Wisdom Wednesday #4