A spring morning reflection



When I came out of the house this morning, the air was filled with a certain, very familiar scent. It was not only the smell of spring (as that’s what’s acoming for Australia), but it reminded me of the scent of the early mornings going to film school in Los Angeles.

Now, if you’ve read about my experiences in L.A. in my earlier posts, you know I had a pretty hard time over there. That was four years ago now, but it’s still something that brings out a certain something in me. That mixed bodily feeling of anxiety and excitement – a feeling that I guess shouldn’t be possible, but still, very much so, is.

I love it how different scents, tastes, sounds and songs, can bring you back to an old memory you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of. And I also love how we, over time and through experiences, grow so much wiser and stronger.

I thought of myself and who I was four years ago, walking to school with the sun on my back and that lovely smell of warm asphalt mixed in with the breaking flowers, and the lingering cool of the night; how I felt in that very moment, loving it all and yet almost hating it in a way. But it wasn’t the experience that didn’t work, it was just reality. And sometimes it is true: reality does check in and changes things and beliefs. That’s just the way of life. We just need to do what we do best: adapt.

And here I am, in what seems like a completely different and new life from what was four years ago – and yet it’s the same.

Just richer, I guess.

This is where I was heading all along, I just didn’t know it back then. And that’s what life does to you, if you let it – it makes you bloom like a flower in spring.

Endless love,



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