Please, thank you.



Yesterday I learned that in the aboriginal language, there is no word for please or thank you. At first I thought, why? that’s a bit weird/rude…? But then when the why was explained to me, it was such an obvious and beautiful thing.

There is no word for thank you or please in their language, because giving to others in need is something that is expected of you. You share what you have. There’s no need for anyone to ask or beg for something from someone else, because others are just supposed to give – and that’s what they did, back in the day, before everything in the world went the way it went.

How beautiful is that, though?

Shouldn’t it be like that all the time, everywhere? Shouldn’t everyone have that view of life? If I have more than what others have, shouldn’t it be obvious for me to give to the next who is in need?

Money is something that has me very torn. Yes, it is something we need, but I hate that we need it. And I hate what we have become from it. It has made us forget that we are all in this together, as one – and instead it has us thinking ‘this is mine, not yours’.

This just had me realising how much kinder we all could be to one another. We are all the same, living for the same. Why not give some kindness and help, without your next having to ask for it?

Let’s just share. The world could use some more love and kindness.

Endless love,



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