When I get that feeling, I want chakra healing



So I came across an interesting article the other day, about chakras. Ever heard of them before?

They’re our energy portals, sort of – where our energy enters and exits our body. There are lots of them, but seven main ones: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, intuitive/third eye and crown chakra.

Apparently, these chakras can be open, weak, or closed (of course they’re meant to be open), and if one (or more) is closed or weak it affects certain parts of your life and your body negatively.

To me, this makes total sense. I don’t know how, but it does. The presence of chakras have even been scientifically proven, I’ve learned in these past few days.

Anyway. The article caught my interest because there are some issues in my life that I need to sort out. My main problem is that I know where I want to go (speaking career wise), but I feel so confused in how to get there – as if I’m lost in a forest where the trees all look the same; as if there’s no ground for me to stand on. And I feel like even though I’m visualising all these career things, they just aren’t happening. It’s almost as if there is something blocking the granted wishes from reaching me.

Turns out, after I did a little test, that my root chakra and another smaller chakra called the foot chakra, are completely shut.

Yes! Thank you. Finally, this frustration I’ve felt for months makes sense. You see, if your root chakra is weak or closed you tend to get a little stuck when it comes to your career, and you never seem to have enough money. And if your foot chakra is weak or closed you feel ungrounded and confused about your path in life, and where to go. You also feel blocked and you doubt the choices you make.

That is so me. It’s as if someone asked me exactly what I’ve been feeling, because the above description is it.

But okay. Great. Because that can totally be fixed. Easily too, I hope.

I’m planning to do it with a mix of meditation (which I haven’t been doing much of – or at all – lately) and visualisation. I will meditate on my chakras, to open them up, and I will visualise my feet standing steadily and rooted into the ground. Easy peasy!

Now, what’s going on with you? Anything in particular in life that’s annoying you, that you can’t seem to quite sort out?

There’s a bit of ad stuff (as they want you to buy some sort of program) at the bottom of this page by chakra master Carol Tuttle, but the page gives you great info on the different chakras and how you feel when they are strong versus weak/closed.

Give it a go. Maybe it makes perfect sense to you, too? Either way, make sure to allow yourself to heal. Be kind to yourself and respect your process.

Endless love,




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