Motivational Monday #7

  ————————————————— “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho ————————————————— It’s true. When you make up your mind and ask for the things you truly want, the universe is there to assist you. It’s basically just waiting for you to ask and be ready to … More Motivational Monday #7

Mirror work

I read about something called mirror work the other day. I’d never heard about it before then, but as I figured out what it was, it seemed pretty awesome. A bit weird and almost a bit frightening in a way, but totally something we should all be doing. Starting yesterday, really. So what is mirror … More Mirror work

Wisdom Wednesday #5

Truth of the day. Of the week. Of the year!! Follow your dreams. How much time it will take, or how it will come true is none of your business anyway. Just devote yourself to it. Commit. Or very simply put: just do it. Because you can. Endless love, Jo

Deserve it!

  This weeks affirmation is a little reminder to all of us – not just the ones that have low self-esteem. Too many of us think, for one reason or another, that we are not deserving of certain things. But I’m here to tell you that you are. I mean, why would someone else be … More Deserve it!

SuperSoul Sessions

  Oprah does this thing called SuperSoul Sessions, which is basically, from what I understand, a bunch of famous, wise people talking to a crowd that wants to learn from their wisdom. So a kind of seminar thing, I guess. Anyway, she’s put all of these sessions up for everyone to see on this website and it’s a … More SuperSoul Sessions