SuperSoul Sessions



Oprah does this thing called SuperSoul Sessions, which is basically, from what I understand, a bunch of famous, wise people talking to a crowd that wants to learn from their wisdom. So a kind of seminar thing, I guess. Anyway, she’s put all of these sessions up for everyone to see on this website and it’s a bit of a gold mine, if you ask me.

I found out about it through Elizabeth Gilbert on Facebook, because she’s one of the speakers at SuperSoul. So I immediately went on to check her speech out (and a few other ones, of course).

Liz gave a speech about passion. And it was a really interesting one, because instead of telling us all how we need to go find our passion and then live by that, she advised us not to do that.

After all, if we have a passion, we would most likely know what it was, right? So conclusion:
Not everyone has a passion. And that’s that.

I’m sure you’ve all heard it countless times – passion this, passion that; passion here, passion there. And sure, passion is great (well, really tough, too), but if you don’t have one it could get a bit tiring listening to this constantly, right?

Now, I know my passion, but I have a very complicated relationship with it, which makes me a bit anxious from time to time. The passion I have is so broad! There are so many different kinds of writing you can do! And so, in a way, I guess I’m not a hundred percent sure of my passion. I want to try all different kinds of writing, to be honest.

So what Liz was saying in her session, I will repeat, because it just makes sense:

Forget passion. Just love life and be curious. Try everything you want to try. Let life itself be your passion, because living is truly beautiful.
So try what comes at you. Do what you feel like in the moment – whatever it may be. Trying different things is how we learn, anyway. And trying these new things is the only way to find out if we like doing it or not.

Now, together: let’s release the anxiety around this whole “find your passion” thing and just go through whatever door is in front of us to see what’s on the other side.

Take the leap! Have faith in fate to take you where you’re meant to go.

Endless love,



2 thoughts on “SuperSoul Sessions

  1. Yes! I think I need to work more at doing things out of my comfort zone. I’m super adventurous with food (well, I WAS more when I could afford to go out to a bunch of different restaurants all the time) but everything else in life? I could shake things up a bit!


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