We belong because we exist.

Today, there was a situation that had me thinking of all the people out there that feel as if they don’t quite belong. And with that, I wanted to dedicate today’s Friday Affirmation to these people (or to anyone who sometimes feel like they’re left outside).




This is the truth of the day. You exist, and that means you belong – you belong to this world. Sometimes we feel confused about where or to whom we belong, but we do belong. Always. You might just be in the wrong place at the moment. But never think that you’re not meant to be where you are.

So let’s affirm the above statement.

I belong because I exist.

The more you repeat, the more you make your mind and subconscious believe it – and then it will eventually become reality. That’s what affirmations are for.

And if you want to – in the mean time or just in general – we can belong to each other. I sure wouldn’t mind that. That’s kind of what I’m here for, anyway.

Endless love (for all),



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