Shake those feathers off!

This week’s Friday Affirmation comes from the ever so wise affirmation master Louise Hay:




Does it feel like life is weighing you down sometimes, or maybe even right now? Does it feel like entire mountains are sitting heavy on top of your shoulders?

Take some time to reflect on what it is that’s actually causing that heaviness. Are those burdens of yours really that heavy, or are you making them that way?

As an example, holidays are coming up and a lot of people feel the opposite of what is meant to be felt. People get stressed out over all the presents, the food, the vacation stays, their family visits, everything that needs to be done before anything can be enjoyed… And then they forget to actually enjoy this festive season and the love that comes with it.

Remember in these times to repeat to yourself the above affirmation. Because most (not all, of course, we all know that) of our so called burdens are pretty feather light, am I right?

The world is not going to collapse at your feet if you actually take some time off just to enjoy yourself. And whatever your burdens are, heavy or not so much, make your mind believe that they are like feathers. If you want to give your mind an extra push start you can also visualise those feathers floating around in the wind, making you completely care-free.

So let’s blow those burdens out the window, where the winds can catch them and carry them away!

Then, go with love. That’s what it’s all about.

Endless love,



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