Early bird catches the worm



People talk about sleeping and sleeping in and not waking up until the early/late afternoon. And then they ask me when I wake up. “Six o’clock,” I say.

Crazy, they think.

Brilliant, I think.

6 A.M. is not too early, so that I wake up feeling as if I’ve been hit by a truck, but it’s still early enough to get so much more done. Like writing, before I go to work.

They say all succesful people wake up at dawn. I don’t know how true that is, but I know it works for me. When I wake up at six, I feel fresh, relaxed and ready for a new day (at least after a few minutes, when I’ve had the time to actually wake up). I certainly feel way better waking up at six rather than at noon.

Actually, come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever woken up at noon… Never ever.

So how do you do it, you might ask?

Well, the trick is to do something you truly love first thing in the morning. Otherwise, what fun and what use is there for getting up that early? Whether you love writing (like me!) or you love working out, going for a run, reading a book or maybe just slowly drinking that cup of morning coffee, make sure that’s what you do at 6 A.M.

As a suggestion, why don’t you try it? I’m not saying you should drastically go from waking up at 10 to waking up at 6, but why not try waking up ½-1 hour earlier. Try it for a week, and see the effect. If you feel any positive changes at all, maybe try it for another week – and then another. That’s how I did it.

Life is too short and there are too many fun things to do, to sleep through your days. So I’m confident (once you get into the routine) that you too will enjoy it way more than you expect. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

Like a friend of mine used to say: “I’ll try anything once, and if I like it I’ll do it again!”

Endless love,


PS. On weekends, I still allow myself a sleep in. To about 7.30-8.00 😉 xx


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