In full abundance

Now, here’s your chance to reach limitless prosperity! And who doesn’t want that? It’s all up to you and at the same time it’s not only up to you. Your part in the whole thing is to speak, believe, repeat, believe and wait. And then it’s up to life and the universe to listen, work and give. After that you can start harvesting.

When it comes to money and wealth and prosperity, we all want it, but few have it in comparison. The reason why few have it is because almost all of us use negative affirmations when it comes to money – only because we, for different reasons, are so desperate for it!

When you say things like “I never have enough money” or “No, I can’t afford that” or “Money disappears faster than it rolls in“, you are actually attracting that very thing you’re saying.

I think we’re all guity of doing this – at least every now and then – but when you notice it, please stop and turn it around. Rather say things like “I have more than enough“.

Or, why not this weeks Friday affirmation! Here you go:


Life accomodates all my needs in great abundance.
I have faith in life to give me what I want and need.


How great is that one?!

It works for pretty much all things in life, not just prosperity, but all your needs. So this is a great one to wake up to every morning. Sing it in the shower and make it more fun! Or skip jump it on your way to work!

Let life uplift you to your highest good. And then spread some of that love around during the weekend.

Endless love,




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