My Life List

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A while back, two bloggers I follow, 1617 Sunshine Avenue and Juni Desirée, posted something called “My Life List”. There’s actually a book called The Life List written by Lori Nelson Spielman (which I will be reading this year, for sure!).

Basically, it’s a list you write of the dreams and goals you want to accomplish throughout life. I’ve been thinking about it, and I really like the idea. Suits me perfectly, don’t you think?

It’s actually a way of visualization – kind of like those vision boards that I’ve been talking about and that I love creating. So, naturally, I wanted to make a life list – and of course, share it with you!

So I asked myself:
If there were no obstacles whatsoever, what would I do in my life?

And here’s what I’ve come up with (so far – but the list keeps growing, and growing, and growing…):

  1. Write a book
  2. Publish a book
  3. Become a bestselling author
  4. Write a children’s book
  5. Talk in front of a crowd of 500 people
  6. Earn a very good living on my writing
  7. Reach out to thousands of people each week
  8. Attend film school
  9. Write a screenplay and have it turn into a movie
  10. Marry the man of my dreams…
  11. … And spend a wonderful lifetime with him
  12. Buy a house with a beautiful garden and a pool
  13. Start a family
  14. Spend Christmas with the whole family in  snow-covered northern Sweden
  15. Live in London
  16. Move back to London
  17. Live in the south of France
  18. Visit 100 different countries
  19. See the great pyramids of Egypt
  20. Go on a safari
  21. See the Victoria Falls
  22. Visit Zanzibar
  23. Visit Madagascar and fly over Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park
  24. Road trip around France
  25. Walk a lavender field in France
  26. Visit Versailles
  27. Road trip USA
  28. Hawaii
  29. New York
  30. New Orleans
  31. Travel through South America
  32. Hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu
  33. Travel around the Caribbean
  34. The Azores
  35. Travel around Australia
  36. See Uluru
  37. New Zealand
  38. Iceland
  39. See a live polar bear in its natural habitat
  40. See Northern lights
  41. Walk the El Camino with my mum
  42. Spin around on a field of tulips in Holland
  43. Ireland
  44. Galápagos Islands
  45. Vietnam
  46. Learn fluent French
  47. Watch a sunrise on the beach
  48. Watch a sunset on the beach
  49. Try rock climbing
  50. Swim into a waterfall and see what’s behind it
  51. Make more friends (especially writer friends)
  52. Reach 10 000 followers on my blog
  53. Eat cake for dinner
  54. Behave like a child at Disneyland
  55. Slow dance on an empty dance floor to live piano music
  56. Meet Elizabeth Gilbert
  57. Take a photography class
  58. Take a salsa dancing class
  59. Try contemporary dance
  60. Get a cat. No, two. (At least.)
  61. Learn how to surf
  62. Dive in the Great Barrier Reef
  63. Dive in a shark cage
  64. Touch an elephant
  65. Hold a koala
  66. Be part of a writing group
  67. Open a creative house for kids
  68. Teach
  69. Change people’s lives
  70. Help a child in need
  71. Help someone else fulfill their dream
  72. Become a better human being with each passing year
  73. Read more as each year passes
  74. Meditate every day


Now, the things I’ve already accomplished in life, I haven’t put up on the life list, unless they’ve been something really important to me or a true life-long dream. Those things, you might have noticed, have been crossed over (but I wanted to keep them on there) – just to remind myself of them, and how much I can do when I set my mind to it. Otherwise, I wanted to keep this list one to refer to from now on.

The only true obstacle stopping you from doing anything you would put on your life list, is actually you and your mind. Think of the post I wrote on Sunday

So tell me…

What would you put on your life list?

Go wild!

Endless love,


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