The importance of unimportance

In the last few months I’ve been noticing the things people put their energy into. Little things that we get all upset over. One acts like it’s the end of the world when it’s about things that really does not matter or have any kind of value, or even changes anything for us.

Why do we care? Do we have that much time and energy to spare? Don’t we have better things – bigger things and more important things – to care about?

Take public transport, for example. Wow, people get upset with this!
“It’s always late”. “It can’t be trusted”. “Why can’t it just be on time, how hard is it really?!”

And yes, this has bothered me in the past, too. But honestly, who cares? Why does it matter? At least we have the option for public transport. At least it shows up at some stage (mostly just five or ten minutes late even).

Some things just aren’t the end of the world, but we kind of act as if it is.

If I happen to watch the news, I just end up annoyed, because 90 % of what is on the news is complete nonsense anyway. Nonsense that for some reason is ‘important’ and gets people going.

Well, I have decided that I have better things to do and care about in life. So my energy is focused elsewhere. It’ll work out a lot better that way, after all.

We just need to relax. Live life. And most importantly – enjoy it, too. So save your energy for the real, important things.

What is something that gets you going, that probably shouldn’t?

Endless love,



One thought on “The importance of unimportance

  1. I’m a atheist. But Amen for that. We get upset with the little things, just because it doesn’t come out the way we think it should. And it doesn’t really matter. As you said, there are more important things to focus on.

    Have the best day ever,

    Nícia ❤

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