A pinch of sugar and spice

Friends are the sugar and spice of your life. Friends are awesome and something we all need. They are our supporting pillars, our anchors, and the people who understand us better than most.

Or at least, this is what friends should be.

Not only do we need friends, but we also need to make sure that we choose and stick to the right kind of friends. Because otherwise, these people can actually become the complete opposite.

The right people = the right you

It is so, so important to hang out with the right crowd. Of course. This make sense, doesn’t it? To get ahead in life, you need the right support system, who will back you up no matter what happens (this should be your friends and your family).

PicMonkey Collage3
(These are some of my beautiful and very special friends!)

If you hang out with good people who are good to you, who challenges you, cares for you and motivates you, you’re all set for the good stuff in life. You can go as far as you want.
But then there are the people who always seem to get upset when you get ahead, or the ones who only talk about themselves and never ask about you, or even the ones who say and do mean things to you.

Sort it out together

If someone’s causing you to feel bad about yourself or the choices you make, you need to stand up for yourself and do something about it. That is your responsibility, because this is your life.

If the person in question is being mean to you in any way, or condescending, or puts you down constantly, it’s time to bite the bullet and break up with this so-called friend. He/She is just a bad person and you don’t want anything to do with that kind, trust me.

But if it’s not as bad as that, then talk to your friend! If he/she is doing something that makes you feel bad about yourself, your relationship, or about life in general, let him/her know. Tell this friend how you feel and what’s wrong. Usually, if it’s a friend worth keeping, you can work out your situation together.


And then sometimes, on a few occasions in life, it turns out you’ve just outgrown each other and that both of you need to move on, in different directions. And that’s OK, too. People change. That’s life.

Take care of yourself, and the good people around you. Treat those great ones a little bit extra over the weekend, will you? Just because they’re truly wonderful!

Make sure to be as good of a friend to them, as they are to you.

Endless love,



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