DIY: Vision Board

So, you know how I always (or well, often) talk about vision boards, how great and how much fun they are?

Well, I thought it’d be an excellent idea and project for our Sunday to create a personal vision board!

A vision board is a great and fun way to visualise your future. I mean, it’s all there in pictures – how much clearer can it get?
By visualising your dreams and what you want for your future, you’re helping the universe by actually telling them straight up what it is that you want. So if you want a new job, if you want to travel some place in particular, if you want to find love, or even just buy a new car – visualising is key.
The Law of Attraction wants to give you what you want. So it’s time we asked in order to receive.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Here’s what we’ll need:


  • A frame or a pin board
  • Magazines (to cut out fun and useful pictures)
  • Google (to google and print stuff you can’t find in magazines)
  • Colourful pencils/pens
  • Stickers
  • Scissors
  • Tape/Glue/Pins
  • A motivational playlist booming from your speakers
  • Tea and cookies (or milk/coffee if you don’t drink tea)

Now it’s time to get creative! Go through your magazines, cut out pictures, print some off of Google if you’ve got an awesome printer, find old photos representing friends and family and other things you wish for, write motivational quotes… The possibilities are endless! Whatever you want to do with your vision board is totally OK. It is yours to make and enjoy.

I had lots of fun making mine.  It actually took me a good two days – so yeah, my whole weekend (but that’s only because I’m a silly perfectionist…). But so what? I enjoyed it! And that’s what weekends are for, right?
Here’s the end result:


I’ve put a mix of my dream career, family/friends, travel and living on my board.
What do you dream of? What will you put on your vision board? Please share!

And make sure you hang your new, beautiful, inspiring vision board on a wall where you can always see it and be reminded of your awesome dreams and goals (I put mine above my desk in the middle of our living room).

Have a lovely, relaxing Sunday with your dreams!

Endless love,



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