What you may find in the details…


I’m sure you’d all know by now (unless you’re entirely new here – in that case, welcome!) that I believe love is all. Love is the most beautiful thing on this planet. Love is life.

I guess that’s why Valentine’s Day sort of annoy me.

Because, let’s face it, Valentine’s Day isn’t really about the love – it’s about the stuff. Things. Materialism. It’s society telling us that if we don’t bring home flowers, a box of chocolate, a card (that a million other people will receive, too), or even expensive jewellery, we don’t truly love. So Valentine’s Day is really all about what we “should” and “need” to buy.

But what has that really got to do with true love? Love is not about how much money you have in your pocket, and it’s not about how many $20 roses you buy your partner.

Love is about the two of you. And love is in the subtle details

Love is…
waking up smiling when you realize your loved one is still there, sound asleep next to you.
Love is…
putting your cheek to their bare skin, feeling the electric energy that flows between you.
Love is…
holding each others hand walking down the street, or even just when sitting on the couch.
Love is…
having different opinions, but not pushing them onto each other.
Love is…
stroking the other’s hair until they fall asleep.
Love is…
sitting silently in the car with a hand on their thigh, or singing along together to the repetitive songs on the radio.
Love is…
sharing your days and your lives, and doing so with a feeling of joy, comfort, respect and safety – even on the worst days.

And love is to be shown, fully, every single day of the year through these little things that we say and do. Not just through the things we buy one another on the most commercial day of the year.

Show love through a simple, unexpected gesture. Buy your love those flowers or that chocolate if you want to, but don’t do it because you feel like you have to. And as you give them, remember to kiss his/her temple as well. After all, it is all in the details.

Tell me, what is love to you?

Endless love,


PS. Oh, and for all the singles out there: stop focusing on the one kind of love that you, at the moment, don’t have. Instead, see all that other love surrounding you, keeping you alive and well. All love is love, and all love is worth its weight in diamonds and gold, xx


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