When EVERYTHING changed


As we go through life, we naturally go through different steps of it – changes – and experience many different things and people, both good and bad, encouraging and discouraging.

I often think of specific moments that I know have changed both me and the path I walk. I find these things very fascinating, and because of that, I’d LOVE to hear YOUR stories!

What, or who, changed your life?

What situations, things, people, books, music, etc. have changed you and your life, or the way you view life?

Let me spill some of my beauties:


Quite a few books have changed me and who I am. A major one is the Harry Potter series (because of course). I read them in my coming-of-age years (as most of us in the same generation, I guess), and they gave me moments to escape whatever else was going on around me or in my head. They allowed my emotions and my imagination to run free, but above all they made me realize that every piece of our story – no matter how pleasant or tough – matter in the big picture, and will become an asset.

Another book is Stephen King’s memoir, On writing: a memoir of the craft. It actually made me take my writing less seriously (which is a great thing!). That has most certainly changed everything, and the whole way I write, and purpose of why I write.


Two major situations that changed my life, was going to Los Angeles for film school (which I have spoken further on here), and the moment when I decided to say a final goodbye to a father who once again tried to walk out.

I’m sure most of you have gone through a moment in life where you decided enough was enough, and you finally stood up for yourself and your own well-being?
Well, I grew up with a father who, I suppose, didn’t quite know how to be a father. And he came and left as it suited him. Just before I turned 16 (I remember the exact moment), I saw him walk through the gate leading up to my (mum’s) house and I thought to myself: “He’s leaving again…


But I decided then and there that I would be the one to close the final door on him. Enough was enough. No more hurt. And I actually think that might have been the very moment I became an adult. Because I decided to put my foot down for me and my loved ones.


When it comes to people, of course there are a lot of them that affect us in many different, important ways (take the above, for example). We have our parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, teachers, bosses, mentors… You name it.

I’ve actually been lucky enough to have had several teachers who have changed me in one way or another, but there are two of them that stand out more than the rest. One of them was Suzanne Kent. She taught acting at New York Film Academy, and she was my class’ assigned director for our final show. I am forever thankful to Suzanne for pulling me out of my shell and, essentially, helping me live life more fully than before.

Another teacher was also from NYFA – Carrie Zivetz. She helped me realize my own value, and the value of my emotions and what they do to me and my life, and how I can control them and embrace them at the same time. She also, in a way, taught me forgiveness. And you know how important I think forgiveness is for our well-being…


Of course, a special shout out to my mum for being the most amazing woman on the planet, and for always supporting me and my craziness, even when I move around the globe here and there and back again.

And last, but certainly not least, a last special mention of my wonderful partner, Sean, who has proven to me that unconditional love isn’t just for the fairytales…

So, tell me your story. What changed everything for you?

Endless love,



10 thoughts on “When EVERYTHING changed

  1. This is so lovely! Meeting the one I love changed my life, he’s given me so much confidence and makes each and every day of mine so happy and filled with laughter! 🙂

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  2. Love this post and this question. I think I largely write and draw to capture the things that change me in some way. Each post and drawing is an insight, a lesson I want to take into the rest of my life.
    So some of mine: Walking from Sydney to Melbourne for charity. There was a lot of fear that I’d fail, but it showed me it was okay to fail because at least we’d done something. It’s what led to me pursuing writing.
    The book Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller: Don is my favourite author and a huge inspiration for why I write. He’s honest and witty and vulnerable and insightful and I connected with it so much. Beach mission: It’s a family holiday program run over 10 days every summer. It gave me confidence and so many life skills and so many friendships. It’s a taste of heaven on earth.
    Might have to write a post about all this. Mind if I share your post?

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    1. These are great! Sounds like you’ve experienced some great personal growth through these events.
      I’ll have to check out that book, as well!
      Not at all, share away! 🙂 and thanks for sharing your story with me!


  3. That was a beautiful description of what changed you. One thing that changed me was getting divorced. I was very dependent of my ex emotionally. I put him on a pedestal, which nobody deserves, but I tend to look at people like that, which hurts me in the end. After years of fighting and cheating and therapy, I finally had enough. I went to a lawyer and he couldn’t believe I was doing it, because I never did before. He couldn’t believe I wasn’t going to just put up with his crap anymore. Being divorced, six years now, is difficult. It changed me because I had to learn how to stand on my own. I had to learn how to fix things, or put things together. I had to learn to set boundaries with him and keep them, that was and sometimes still is the hardest part of divorce. Also, I had to be a stronger mom and take care of my daughter in all ways without him physically being there. I am still struggling with the fallout of my divorce, but I am a changed woman for the better.


    1. Thank you for sharing, Traci! I can imagine that a divorce would change so much – in most aspects of life. It’s great to hear that it changed you for the better, though. You did the right choice, even if it sometimes is hard. And you’re setting a great example for your young daughter! 🙂 we’re women, we can do anything!

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