When there’s proof


Sometimes I forget that the universe has its own way of running things. All I need to do – my only job – is to ask for things and wait to receive it.
But yeah, sometimes I forget that. It’s a pretty simple job, but I’m a pretty forgetful person, I suppose.

I love it, though, when the universe proves itself to me. That, when I’m in doubt, it comes around to prove me wrong. It says “Hey, have some faith, will you? I’m right here”, and it shows me that it does go through with things. It shows me it knows what I want and that it’s constantly working towards giving me those very things. Often sooner rather than later.

So when you’re in doubt, at least just wait. Try not to think too much. Let the universe do its thing, and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Ask and receive. That’s all we need to do. So figure out what you want and the universe will serve it up for you on a pretty platter.

(I just won a 10-day cruise in the Pacific…!)

Endless love,



8 thoughts on “When there’s proof

    1. Definitely! I won’t be going on this cruise until next year though, because I’ve already booked a trip to the US, where I’ll be using up all of my annual leave, haha. But at least I’ve got another trip to look forward to! 🙂

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      1. In reality, anticipation is much better for your mind than actual travel. It kind of makes you happy for things that are about to be coming! So enjoy this double happiness!!
        Btw. where are you currently based? I thought you live in US!! Sorry!

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        1. I see your point, but the actual travelling is still the most thrilling part for me 😉 But I do really enjoy the anticipation as well! I’m so excited for my planned trips!
          I’m currently based in Australia, but I’m born in Sweden. I tend to move around every now and then (have lived in both the US and the UK before), so I won’t blame you for getting it wrong! 🙂

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  1. Yes, we need to take quiet time to listen for the messages. They can come during meditation or a walk or just putting the phone down. Congrats on trip!

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