WHY you need to JUMP

Life is for living. We all know that. But what is living?

If you wake up in the morning thinking there must be more to life, then I guarantee you there is. There is more. Life is a wonder. Life is an adventure. And we’re here to see where that adventure takes us.

But in order to find out, we need to dare. We need to stand on that cliff of life, look over the edge, feel the fear within for a split second, but then jump. Just take the leap. Go for it.


If you don’t jump, you’ll never know the true potential of yourself and your life and where your dreams could take you. You’ll never know what life and the universe has in store for you. You’ll be safe. Safe from all the disappointment and all the frustration, all the tests and trials. But you’ll also miss out on all that life is.

So do yourself a favour. Jump, just once. Jump one time and see what life has in store for you. And I can guarantee you that you will want to continue jumping.
Why? Because you’ll see the beauty of life – both the good and the bad – and what a great adventure it is to let go and trust in your dreams and your ability.

If you wake up in the morning wondering if there was something else you were meant to do, then there probably is. And it’s time for you to find out, before it’s too late.

Endless love,



9 thoughts on “WHY you need to JUMP

  1. I’m about to jump into a new home and neighborhood, but they are actually my old home and neighborhood. My daughter’s father and I are trying to decide the best time to make the move.

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