Time flies…

Guys, I cannot believe that it’s the 1st of March already! Two months of this year have already passed, and it feels like it’s only been a few days. Time certainly does fly!

This morning, as I was lying in bed with my own thoughts for a while (as I tend to do on my days off work), I couldn’t help but think “So, what have I really done over these two months?”. Because it felt like I had accomplished nothing at the first thought of it, but as I looked closer, I’ve acctually done quite a bit in 60 days:

  • I’ve published three seeds/articles,
  • I’ve started editing my book (which, mind you, is a HUGE accomplishment for me, even thought I still have a long way to go),
  • I’ve booked a holiday (and kind of already planning for another three…),
  • I entered a short story competition,
  • I’ve blogged consistently,
  • I’ve created a vision board,
  • hung out with friends,
  • and still worked full time, as well.

So, come to think of it, I’ve done lots.

But somehow, our brains tend to forget “smaller” things that we accomplish, because we look at the big picture instead. And that’s when we start stressing out way too much, even panicking. We’re chasing dreams here, and that’s not to be taken lightly! There’s so much we want to do, and so little time on this Earth…! What am I really doing with my life?! Right?

That’s why I wanted to encourage you to really reflect on these last couple of months. What have you actually accomplished?

Because I’m sure you haven’t been standing as still as you think you have. I’m sure you’ve done lots more than you give yourself credit for. So don’t miss out on the little things – they’re just as important for the big picture!

This is a way of being mindful of yourself and what you do, giving yourself the credit you need and deserve, and a way to remind yourself to live in the now.

(Oh, and don’t panic if you still find you haven’t done much. You’ve got another 10 months to go. Plus a whole lifetime after that, too…)

Endless love,



2 thoughts on “Time flies…

  1. Love this! I realize that I too have done many things over the last two months. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of recognizing the little things we do.


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