Does the past really matter?


I read something the other day, where a man asked what difference our past really makes, and why we need to heal it or fix it if we can’t change it.

In one way, he’s right. We can’t change our past and the things that have happened to us and things we’ve done to others. But even if we can’t change what happened then, it doesn’t mean we can’t change how it affects us now. Because it is affecting us, and always will – unless we deal with it.

It’s kind of like with a wound or a broken bone – we can’t change the fact that it happened, but we can do our best in caring for the wound, in order to help it heal and maybe keep it from scarring too much.

The same goes for our minds and psyches.

We need to heal our insides in order to move on and lead a better, happier life. There’s no benefit whatsoever to hide feelings from the past or bury them deep in your soul.
There’s only one guarantee when doing so: it’s going to come back and demand to be taken care of. It’s going to explode out of you, either through unrelated anger or depression, through feelings of emptiness, or the lack of trusting and loving.

We all have our own trials and tough times. We all make mistakes, and we all hurt people at some point in life. Everyone has a different past. But it’s true – none of that really matters now. It’s only how you allow that past to affect your present and future that really matters.

Are you going to let something good come out of those experiences, or are you going to let them take control of your entire being for the rest of your life?

The choice is always yours.

Endless love,



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