The Abundance Factor

For your Friday and weekend, I felt like I just HAD TO share this film with you all, called The Abundance Factor. I watched it last night – it’s apparently up for free for a few days only – and it is SO INSPIRING.

Seriously, it can be life changing if this is all something new to you.

I don’t want to say too much about it, because I really want you to see it with your own eyes and incorporate it into your way of thinking. But The Abundance Factor is about abundance (of course) and how we can achieve it in all aspects of life. It’s about how we can be happier, and that it is all a choice we need to make in life – and how we can make that choice.

So it contains similar thoughts as The Secret film and book (if you’re familiar with it – which I hope you are!), but slightly different still, and some new faces are up for interviews, sharing their wisdom and first hand knowledge with you.

I highly advice you to take just 90 minutes out of your weekend, to watch it. And let me know what you think!

(Here’s the link for the official website of the film as well:

Have a great weekend guys, and remember: you can do whatever you want!

Endless love,



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