The privilege of another day

Do you ever wake up and go outside just to smell the morning?

Do you ever just stand there and listen to the various sounds around you? The birds, the wind in the trees, families getting ready for the day, the garbage truck passing by on the street…

Do you ever let the cool, dampness in the air tickle your skin so that you almost feel a shiver, but not quite?

My view at 06.40 A.M. The sun is quickly rising behind the trees in our backyard.

I do this every now and then (especially taking in the smell), but still not near enough. It’s so beautiful to be alive, but sometimes we seem to forget in the midst of everything that is life.

Take a few minutes during your coming morning to enjoy the exact moment that you’re in, and say thank you for everything beautiful that you have in this life. Wake up five minutes earlier if you need to – trust me, it’s so worth it!

Enjoy the wonder that life is. And remember, gratitude is the key to happiness.

Endless love,



4 thoughts on “The privilege of another day

  1. I do this most mornings Jo. I sit in the garden around 5.30am, drinking my tea and preparing for the day ahead. You’re so right it’s the best feeling ever, especially at this time of year as the mornings get lighter and the sun makes a welcome appearance. Have a wonderful week!!

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  2. It is far too easy to become focused on what we need to do that we forget to simply enjoy the moments. I have formed the habit of thanking The Lord for something meaningful for the day prior to getting out of bed and have found it is an excellent way to begin the day.


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