What to do when you lack motivation – 6 steps!

The lack of motivation is usually not caused by the lack of ideas – in fact, most people find that they have plenty of great ideas (or one large, really awesome one), but still seem to lack that motivation to actually get them going. Why? Because stress. That’s where it’s at. But stress can be both good and bad. … More What to do when you lack motivation – 6 steps!

Wisdom Wednesday #8

  Fear will always be around. There’s no way any of us can outrun fear – it always catches up at some point. And that’s okay. We actually need fear, as it is part of our survival instincts – and so, it needs to be shown the respect it deserves. But sometimes fear is wrong, because … More Wisdom Wednesday #8

What is success?

Success. Such a sweet word for most of us, and yet we feel it’s so hard to get a taste it. But why? Why do we believe that only a few “lucky” people find this sought after gem? In order to find an answer to that question, we must first ask us this: What is success? I … More What is success?