The universe is NOT out to get you.


Feel like nothing is going your way? Feel like your needs and wants always get pulled from underneath you? Feel like everyone else has it better than you? Feel like the world – the whole universe, even – is against you?

Well, it’s not. End of discussion.

The universe wants you to succeed, because that means that the universe has succeeded in its own task.

Yet, ever so often, I hear people claiming that this and that is against them; their dreams will never come true; everything just effs up all the time; things never go as planned… and yadda yadda yadda.

I do this, too, when I hit a low point (did that last week) and I hate it when I do it, because I realize I’m doing it (but still do it…).


Here’s the thing: of course everything is going to eff up if we keep saying that it will! Of course none of our dreams will come true if we keep thinking that they won’t! Of course nothing will go as planned if we keep telling us that nothing ever goes as planned!

That’s the whole thing about the Law of Attraction. You receive what is in your mind. So if these thoughts are in your mind, then these things will (and will not, in some of these cases) come to you.

The universe is NOT out to get you (or me, or anyone else). The universe is always on our side – no matter what. We just need to sort our own shit out, that’s all. Only when we do, will things start happening.


Endless (tough) love,



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