Stop waiting and start creating!

You can’t reach the horizon. It’s in constant movement – just like life.


In life, there is no destination, no arrival. The only destination we reach is when life is over – a.k.a. death. And on our way to death – believe it or not! – we’re alive and (usually) well. So it is up to us to decide how we live and if we’ll make it worthwhile, or if we just wander around aimlessly, waiting for death to come and take us away.

The present…

… that’s where we’re at, right now (literally). I think we can all agree on that.

So why do we so often linger in the past or long for the future? The past is done and cannot be done again, and the future can hold absolutely anything or nothing (if death grabs us sooner than we thought). None of us know.

So, again: the present.

The present is the only thing we live, the only thing we can affect. So stop chasing for something in the future. Stop waiting for happiness to come to you when you reach a certain moment, or a certain goal or wish.

Stop waiting and start creating…

2016-04-30 16.47.00

Don’t wait to be happy until you meet your soul mate. Don’t wait to be happy until you get a new job. Don’t wait to be happy until you buy a beautiful house, or a nice car, until you have kids, or until you’ve finished your degree.

Stop waiting and start creating!

Life is meant to be lived, you guys, so why not make it as great and fun as possible? Stay present, right in this moment, and create what you want for yourself.


Take a moment to close your eyes, and pull five deep breaths. Feel your shoulders release, your muscles relax. Be mindful of where you are, where you sit, how you feel. Smile. No matter what, smile. Show your mind, your body and your spirit that you want to and that you can be happy, in this very moment.

It’s all about the attitude. So smile, smile, smile. And keep breathing deep, when you feel like things get tough again. Just stay present. We all try our hardest, and that’s all that matters.

Be here now.

Endless love,



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