Why so serious?

People take life too seriously. Trust me, I know (because I do it, too). Maybe it’s because we try so hard to be perfect? Whatever the reason, we seem to take life so seriously that we forget to live it truly and purposefully – because what other purpose is there to life, than to just live … More Why so serious?

Long time no see!

You know what I just realized? We haven’t done Friday Affirmations in aaages, guys! What the heckspoons?! (Yes, I did just make that word up.) It certainly is about time we did some of them. So let’s do it! Time to lighten up our spirits, and feel free and awesome – because that’s what we deserve, … More Long time no see!

Chasing perfect

  We live in a society where we want to be perfect. We’re even expected to be perfect – always happy, flawlessly beautiful, successful – and we’re certainly not meant to fail or cry or feel ill. On social media, we all have that image. It’s easy to obtain when no one really sees you. So … More Chasing perfect


    The other day I reached a goal. A mile stone. I was even notified of it on my phone (can you imagine!) I had reached 200 followers on my blog. At first I thought to myself so what, that’s nothing… But then, the next day or a couple of days later (this week’s … More 200


Since we were talking about meditation the other day, I thought I’d mention this app, called Headspace, that I’ve tried. It’s a meditation app where you perform traditional meditation – you know, where you sit down, relax, take a few deep breaths, observe your thoughts, and so on. So I wanted to mention Headspace to you … More Headspace

Motivational Monday #12

  Thomas Edison literally made thousands of attempts to get his inventions right. But he never saw these attempts as failures, because they brought him closure to actually getting it right. Therefor, his failures just became steps on the way to succeeding. Edison proves that it’s not the amount of times you fail that matters – … More Motivational Monday #12