Motivational Monday #12

thomas edison


Thomas Edison literally made thousands of attempts to get his inventions right. But he never saw these attempts as failures, because they brought him closure to actually getting it right. Therefor, his failures just became steps on the way to succeeding.

Edison proves that it’s not the amount of times you fail that matters – it’s the amount of times that you get back up and keep trying. Getting back up means that you’re eventually going to get it right.

So that means failing is not a bad thing – rather the contrary. When we fail, we learn. We learn new things about ourselves, and what we’re capable of; we learn things about life in general; and most likely do we learn how to approach our project, or whatever it is, differently.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Failing is good. Failing is beautiful. To fail means that you’re only human. And aren’t we all?

Endless love,



6 thoughts on “Motivational Monday #12

  1. I totally agree, and I love Thomas Edison. His story is amazing. He was so determined as a child. He worked on a train to make money to pay for his experiments, and he did some of them on the train. He invented so many things people don’t know about.

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