Since we were talking about meditation the other day, I thought I’d mention this app, called Headspace, that I’ve tried. It’s a meditation app where you perform traditional meditation – you know, where you sit down, relax, take a few deep breaths, observe your thoughts, and so on.

So I wanted to mention Headspace to you all, because I thought I benefitted from it so much! I had been in a bit of a confusing state of mind for a few weeks, where I couldn’t quite focus and get my thoughts together, and my manifestations weren’t working the way I wanted them to.

But after doing Headspace‘s 10-day meditation “program” (okay, I only did nine out of the ten days, because then I got a cold and a sinus infection and couldn’t breathe whatsoever… But I’m getting back into it today!), I found myself centered once again, ready for new challenges!

And since we were talking about meditation the other day and what benefits it has for both the mind and the body (this is the post), I wanted to share the love in case you’re looking for something to get your traditional way of meditation started.

The Headspace meditations only go for 10 minutes, which is ideal when you’re first starting off (you don’t want to pressure yourself by sitting with a super straight back for too long – because you’re back will get tired, trust me!), and they even teach you things on the way through cute animations you can watch before every other meditation session.

The only thing I found myself wishing for was that each meditation would have been a bit different (because every day out of the ten days the meditation is exactly the same, and I like a bit of variation!).

Headspace is free to use for ten days. Or well, you can use those ten sessions of meditation over and over again forever, if you like, but if you want to try any of their other meditations, you’ll have to pay up.

Give it a go, though! It can’t hurt to try, right?

Now tell me: Do you use guided meditations at all? What tips and tricks do you have?

Endless love,



4 thoughts on “Headspace

  1. Thanks for the idea Jo ! I actually really need this and was just talking to my dad about how I’m finding it hard to clear my mind so THANKS in advance


  2. I’m an individualist in almost every area of my life, so I find in meditation I am no different. I stand up and look up and out the window at the bright sky with my hands out and open in a receiving position. Then i simply start asking questions in my soul to The Most High. The answers come back quickly and I just go with it for the rest of the day.
    I never know what the answers are going to be. It’s like “Surprise me.” But I do know this, whatever comes back is drop-dead accurate.

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