The other day I reached a goal. A mile stone. I was even notified of it on my phone (can you imagine!)

I had reached 200 followers on my blog.

At first I thought to myself so what, that’s nothing...

But then, the next day or a couple of days later (this week’s days are all in a blur to me), I thought of it again. And you know what? 200 followers is a lot to me. 200 people reading my blog… That’s actually a lot of people!

I don’t even know that many people!

But even if I only had one follower, I would be so happy to at least share my thoughts, and the beauty of this world with that one person.

And now I have 200! And I’m so, so excited! It proves to me that what I write is worth reading, and it also proves that people are willing to change – themselves, their view on life, and maybe even the world.

That makes me so excited, and crazy motivated!

So I wanted to say THANK YOU, to every single one of you, for sharing the journey of life with me. I’m so happy to have you on board!

Endless love (always),



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