Chasing perfect



We live in a society where we want to be perfect. We’re even expected to be perfect – always happy, flawlessly beautiful, successful – and we’re certainly not meant to fail or cry or feel ill.

On social media, we all have that image. It’s easy to obtain when no one really sees you. So we show everyone how perfect we are; we show them pictures of our beautiful, filtered faces and our incredible holidays, and the healthy food we eat, and how perfectly green our grass is. We tell them about how amazing our day was, how blessed and lucky we are to live such perfect lives with the perfect partner, the perfect kids and the perfect job, house and dog (he never ever wets the carpet, or even drools!). We just laugh and laugh, and everything is awesome.

But there’s something missing there…

What is it again…?

Humans, maybe?

Yes, exactly, that’s it! Humans.

Because humans are not perfect. There’s no such thing as a perfect human life. Humans fail (so much!), humans cry, humans hate their lives sometimes, and themselves.

And aren’t we all human?

So why do we try to hide the less beautiful moments in life? Are we that afraid of seeming human, or normal?

But none of us are perfect, so maybe we should stop pretending to be…

It’s totally okay to not live a perfect life all the time. That’s just life, you know. So maybe it’s time we lift the weight of perfect off our shoulders, and just relax. Maybe it’s time we felt okay with being imperfect, and being just the way we are.

I once heard someone say (I cannot for the life of me remember who or where!):


And ain’t that the truth!

This morning, as I grabbed my computer to sit down and write this (after a lot of procrastination), I managed to somehow bang the corner of my laptop on my face (don’t ask me how that happened). It hurt – yes, it did. And then, I sat down to meditate (as the good person that I am… hah!), but found myself completely preoccupied with my nose, because every time I tried to breathe out, I realized how badly I needed to blow my nose! Did I pause for just a second to do so? Nope. I went on for 10 minutes, kind of ruining the whole session.

But that’s okay. I’m only human…

Embrace your imperfections. You’re only human, too. And you are perfect in your own, very human, very imperfect kind of way.

You most definitely are.

Endless love,



9 thoughts on “Chasing perfect

  1. Hey, I like to hang with only those that are real. Perfection isn’t in presentation, but in how we deal with the very real life that gets thrown at us. To be perfect is to be real about it.

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  2. Great post and perspective. The part regarding why we attempt to “hide the less beautiful moments” triggered a thought. I do not put in the conscious effort to hide those instances, but at the same time I do not broadcast nor speak on them unless a situation deems it appropriate such as attempting to alleviate similar suffering from another individual. Thus, I am assuming you mean an individual should embrace their imperfection and think and feel self-acceptance in order to flourish and not so much sharing all the bad and negative normalcies of living externally. Rather, the entire concept is and takes place internally.

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    1. You definitely got it right! Like you, I believe this process is mostly something that takes place within, unless a certain situation brings it out. But also, if we’re in a state where we cannot possibly deal with something on our own, it’s important that we do share this with someone – be it someone we know, or a professional. It can be dangerous and bad for our wellbeing to hold too much inside and expect too much of ourselves. We all need help and sport sometimes, so why worry taking it, right?
      Thanks so much for your input! 🙂


      1. Excellent addition and I completely agree. Because we are human and imperfect, we experience the wide spectrum of thought and emotion similarly, though perhaps at different times or at varying degrees. Moreover, because we have both our humanity and imperfection in common, we have the capacity to both find help from others and be the help for others. As Carl Jung concluded knowing and understanding our own suffering we are empowered to see and understand others and their suffering. Thank you for the discussion.

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  3. Just found your blog and I’m so happy reading the stuff you’re passionate about ‘cos it’s what I write about! I write to inspire people to go and find what makes their soul sing, I want everyone to be their own kind of beautiful. I want to live in a world where everyone shines – and I feel you do too. Your stuff is inspirational (I’m doing my happy dance!) 🙂

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    1. Nicky, I love this! You just made my day 🙂 I’ll be sure to head straight over to your place to check it out right now! Thank you for commenting, and for doing the lovely work that you do! Xx


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